A Collaboration with Tazi Cobert

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is the process of transferring an image onto a mesh screen in order to create a stencil that can be used to print onto a substrate.

My process begins with creating a design, converting it into a digital rendition and printing that image through an inkjet printer onto clear acetate. Next I tape the acetate sheet to a screen which has been coated in light sensitive emulsion. When I expose the screen to UV light the density of the black ink on the acetate is enough to keep light from passing through, keeping those areas of the screen unexposed. The areas which do not get exposed can be washed out with a high pressure hose. This process is called burning a screen.


Final Product:

This is the first collaborative piece that Tazi Cobert and I created. We began modifying a denim jacket, based around the idea of death. The jacket evolved into something that neither of us could have expected. A WWI inspired piece, with imagery of coffins, soldiers, an hourglass and propaganda clip art. We prominently hand-stitched each patch onto the jacket with synthetic sinew and added ammo casings to the collar.


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