A Collaboration with Tazi Cobert

What is screen printing?

The screen printing process is essentially transferring an image onto a screen in order to create a stencil that ultimately will be used to print onto a substrate. There are endless possibilities in terms of how you can achieve this. My process involves first converting a design into a digital rendition, and printing it through an inkjet printer onto clear acetate which will be used to create the stencil.

Final Product:

This is the first collaborative piece that Tazi Cobert and I created. We began modifying a denim jacket, based around the idea of death. The jacket evolved into something that neither of us could have expected. A WWI inspired piece, with imagery of coffins, soldiers, an hourglass and propaganda clip art. We prominently hand-stitched each patch onto the jacket with synthetic sinew and added ammo casings to the collar.


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