BLEACH: A Short Film

As women we are conditioned to compromise so much of ourselves in order to satisfy men. Even at a very young age we are taught that every move we make will me monitored, leaving us dreaming of a life without containment. What happens when we explore living outside of the mold that was created for us? This film is an analysis of my personal experiences with abusive relationships, patriarchy, family, female conditioning, identity and sexuality. Through the film format I explored these interconnected areas of my life by remembering, reprocessing, investigating and performing.


Produced by: Taren Molnar
Edited by: Taren Molnar
Performances by: Cody Huff and Taren Molnar
Cinematography: Tazi Cobert and Taren Molnar
Hair and Makeup: Michele Lord
Featuring Music from the album “Heart Bulb” by Déjà Blue
Produced at: The Evergreen State College, 2017
A Special Thanks to: Jesse Clifton and Nani Nyugen


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