BLEACH: A Short Film

In 2013 I met a man who swept me off my feet, but soon realized that he seriously struggled with alcoholism. The relationship became increasingly abusive and when we finally parted ways in 2015 I felt as if I had nothing left, I had destroyed most of my relationships with friends and coworkers and was financially tapped out with nowhere to live. I wanted to forget those two years of my life and become someone else, so I decided to dye my long brown hair bright yellow. Changing my hair, something so seemingly small, largely impacted the way I was perceived by others in turn impacting the way I perceived myself.

In order to thoroughly reprocess those two very painful years of my life I created the film BLEACH, but was assaulted twice during production (once by a stranger on the street, and again by an ex partner who I thought I could trust), instead making the film a gauge as to how desensitized I have become to the treatment I receive from men in a position of power. Being socially conditioned as a woman has affected all parts of my life including my relationships with my siblings, parents, partners and my own self-image. Through the film format I explored these interconnected areas of my life, by remembering, reprocessing, analyzing and performing.

Produced by: Taren Molnar
Edited by: Taren Molnar
Performances by: Cody Huff and Taren Molnar
Cinematography: Tazi Cobert and Taren Molnar
Hair and Makeup: Michele Lord
Featuring Music from the album “Heart Bulb” by Déjà Blue
Produced at: The Evergreen State College, 2017
A Special Thanks to: Jesse Clifton and Nani Nyugen


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